What we do

What we do

We nurture animals’ genetic potential at its most fragile and crucial stage. With specialized early feeding strategies, we lay the foundations for a healthy, smooth and profitable lifecycle.

Animals that start eating well early on after birth, perform better throughout their later life stages. They show lower mortality rates and a higher resilience to withstand the challenges of their rearing environment, require less medical care and perform better in terms of growth and feed intake. Needless to say, that a carefully balanced early feeding approach is a crucial aspect of modern farming.

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The increasing number of liveborn piglets per litter in most production environments puts an unavoidable strain on the average birth weight and vitality of the newborn animals. Having to face these intrinsic challenges, plus the increased competition for colostrum intake and available sow teats, a solid support right from the start is essential to maximize post-weaning success and profitability.


Having to face the intensive process of hatching, grading, sorting, storage and transport, the first 24 to 72 hours of a commercially produced chick’s life are by far the most challenging ones. Combine this with the abrupt change from metabolizing the remainder of the yolk sac to ingesting plant-based feed. It is clear that well-balanced nutritional support is essential for the chicks to overcome their earliest challenges.


The first weeks after birth are not only characterized as the period with the highest mortality and costly medicinal treatments. They are also very decisive for the calves’ future milk production potential. Maximizing early health and growth and stimulating a vigorous rumen development, combined with gradual weaning, offers the best possible guarantee to raise well-performing animals.

Do you want to get things right from the start?

Getting your rearing strategies right early in the production cycle, pays off in the long run.
Together, let’s give the youngest animals everything they need to perform well later in life.

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