Nourishing day-old chicks is essential to obtain good zootechnical and economic performance. Providing the right nutrients to supplement the remainder of the yolk sac will allow for a proper early development of the intestine. This is the chick’s first line of defense against pathogens and will determine its future feed efficiency.

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There is no such thing as ‘too early’

If you want to give your chicks the ability to adequately develop their body, you cannot intervene too early. You can, unfortunately, act too late. Both scientific research and field experience have taught us that the first 24 to 72 hours of a chick’s life largely define its later performance. Although nature provides the chick with nutrients in the form of a yolk sac remainder, this natural reserve is merely intended to prevent the chick from starving. It does not suffice to prepare the young bird to survive and thrive in the challenging production environment of a commercial poultry farm.

A little help from a friend

The good news : quite a lot of chicks (and probably more than you are used to) can get by, despite the stress factors in their early life. All they need is a little help. Earlyfeed’s concepts for day-old chicks have been carefully developed to harmonize the needs of the young bird with the demands of the lifecycle.

Our solutions, when adequately applied, result in a quick and stable feed intake and a smooth transition from yolk-nutrition to feed. The nutrient composition allows for a fast and balanced gut development without putting too much pressure on the GIT and microfloral stability of the young animals. The final goal: young birds eating as soon as possible, resulting in a high performance throughout the lifecycle. 

“A bird can only reach its full genetic performance potential if we support its intrinsic body development early on in the lifecycle.”

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