The early development of young animals begins with a strong partnership right from the start.
Earlyfeed, Royal Agrifirm Group’s young animal nutrition brand, offers innovative solutions and expert advice to maximize the animals’ genetic potential through a healthy and profitable rearing strategy. The Earlyfeed product range is based on the product lines that were formerly known as Nuscience’s young animal nutrition portfolio.
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right from the start

We develop innovative and reliable nutritional solutions that offer proven benefits for the early development of newborn animals. From the very first days and weeks of the animal’s lifecycle, our expertise brings long-lasting added value in terms of animal health and performance.



Compared to 10 years ago, litter sizes have increased tremendously, and piglets have a much higher genetic potential for growth. Together with obvious advantages, this evolution also has some potential drawbacks: lower…


Nourishing day-old chicks is essential to obtain good zootechnical and economic performance. Providing the right nutrients to supplement the remainder of the yolk sac will allow for a proper early development of…


Calves have an enormous genetic potential to produce large amounts of milk or to grow fast and efficiently in case of beef animals. Unlocking this potential often comes down to maximizing growth…

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Getting your rearing strategies right early in the production cycle, pays off in the long run.
Together, let’s give the youngest animals everything they need to perform well later in life.

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