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Royal agrifirm group announces the Earlyfeed academy

Last week, during this year’s digital edition of EuroTier, Royal Agrifirm Group announced the launch of a new online initiative. Earlyfeed, the group’s young animal nutrition brand, will be launching its own online Academy this summer to promote knowledge acquisition and best practices in young animal management. The platform, developed exclusively for professionals, is open for pre-registration on

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Farmers, farm managers, nutritionists, vets: lots of different people are confronted on a daily basis with the specific challenges of the youngest and most fragile animals. The Earlyfeed Academy invites these people to join a broad platform and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas between anyone who is professionally involved with the care for young farm animals. By making advanced knowledge available to a wide professional audience, the Academy aims to improve animal health, welfare and performance, resulting in industry-wide responsible and profitable rearing results.

Made by academic and field experts

The Earlyfeed Academy is an initiative by Earlyfeed, Royal Agrifirm Group’s young animal nutrition brand. But the scope is deliberately kept broad and strictly non-commercial. The free online content will continuously be kept up to date with contributions by seasoned experts in animal nutrition, farm management, weaning strategies and animal health. To ensure the quality and variety of the offered content, the Earlyfeed Academy team will tap into Royal Agrifirm Group’s powerful network of knowledge partners.

What to expect?

The Earlyfeed Academy platform is under development, but it is already clear that the focus will lie on expert content. Articles, video and audio updates on crucial aspects of animal rearing will be combined with tips and insights that turn scientific innovation into hands-on, practical knowledge. In the near future, webinars, events and presentations on hot topics in the agri-food industry will turn the Academy into even more than a knowledge base. Its ambition is to become an actual meeting place for professionals in various relevant fields, from young animal nutrition to farm economics.

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