Royal agrifirm group launches young animal brand Earlyfeed

DRONGEN – Today (1 December 2020), Royal Agrifirm Group launched its new young animal nutrition brand called Earlyfeed. The brand represents innovative and reliable nutritional solutions that offer proven benefits for the early development of newborn animals. Backed by the knowledge, the R&D resources and the intrinsic practical field experience of this worldwide organization, Earlyfeed focuses on specific solutions for the first days and weeks of the animal lifecycle. 

By improving animals’ resilience, health and performance, Agrifirm enables a responsible food production for future generations. Young animal nutrition is an important element of the priorities and objectives of the Group. “This is where our expertise is of high value and where we can make a lasting difference for our customers,” explains Gudo klein Gebbink, Managing Director EMEA at Royal Agrifirm Group. “Combined with our practical knowledge and understanding of farm management and the rearing of young animals. A thorough understanding of the animals’ biology enables us to steer the early onset development of crucial natural mechanisms such as the digestive and immune system. This way we nurture the animals’ genetic potential at its most fragile and crucial stage. From the very first days and weeks of the lifecycle, our expertise brings long-lasting added value in terms of animal resilience, health and performance. This way we lay a solid foundation for a healthy and profitable rearing strategy, right from the start.” 
Earlyfeed is based on the young animal nutrition lines for ruminants, poultry and swine of Nuscience. By globally combining years of scientific research with local, specific know-how in the arable and livestock feed sector, we offer our customers worldwide the best solutions for the challenges they face every day. The launch of Earlyfeed also fits perfectly into Agrifirm’s ‘Better Together’ strategy, regrouping expertise from all agri-business divisions. The new brand Earlyfeed will be first rolled out in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.  

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