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High performant concentrates
for nursery piglets

Fully exploiting each animal’s genetic potential in terms of growth performance and feed conversion ratio is a daunting task for the pig nutritionist. Formulating the ideal diet is an ongoing exercise to balance feed intake, digestibility and health support. With Vitastart, Earlyfeed developed a flexible range of starter concentrates that enable the nutritionist to create a feed that literally adapts to the animal’s need.

Smart and variable concentrates

The Vitastart concentrates can be flexibly used with different inclusion levels depending on the age of the piglets and the availability of raw materials. This enables a diet formulation that adapts to changing variables such as feed intake and passive immunity.

Main benefits

  • Boosts general health and vitality
  • Guarantees an optimal feed intake
  • Enables appropriate growth performances
  • Flexible solutions
  • Improves immunity

Enriched with START+ to facilitate ZnO-free weaning

Vitastart concentrates are enriched with our innovative START+ concept. START+ contains active components especially designed to formulate effective non-medicated weaning diets. In a zinc oxide free diet, these components will support the newborn piglets’ health by promoting an early maturation of the intestinal tract.

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