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Calves’ health and growth during their first three months has a big impact on their future production potential. Scientific research has shown that milk in first lactation and lifetime production is highly related to preweaning growth and health. So it really pays off to invest in a premium quality calf milk replacer. The Rumi Lac product range, enriched with START+, is especially developped to optimize growth and minimize health risk. Next to a proper energy and protein supply, this range mainly focusses on gut health. Because good milk nutrition goes far beyond gut health and can benefit the whole immune system of the calf, helping it to deal with numerous diseases.

Enriched with START+

The Rumi Lac range is enriched with our innovative START+ concept, containing active components such as prebiotic fiber, probiotics, natural antioxidants and organic selenium. This concept is especially designed to give calves a smoothly head start in life. START+ promotes maturation of the underdeveloped intestinal tract of newborn calves and will contribute to a healthy calf right from the start.

Main benefits

  • GMO controlled and VLOG certified
  • Excellent taste
  • Stimulates faster solid feed intake
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Supports immunity

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