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the dna of gallifirst


The dna of Gallifirst

Given hatchlings’ high exposure to feed and water deprivation, stressors, and pathogens, it is crucial to find the right feed and feeding strategy for the success of the flock. This begins with a dedicated prestarter. Specialized poultry feed mills have the capability of producing high-quality feeds and the cost of shipping complete feeds that often contain ingredients already in-house is not logical for many feed mills. This is why Earlyfeed offers the DNA of its successful prestarter, Gallifirst, in various compositions and inclusion levels to fit customers’ demands.

A three way solution

By providing the functional feed ingredients concept of Gallifirst—as well as other unique ingredients shown to support early feed intake—Gallisac provides flexibility to the feed mill. To reach the specifications of our prestarter formula, we customize a matching concentrate or premix—with all crucial ingredients—to the available raw materials and additives in the feed mill. With this approach, you can achieve a pre-starter feed that fulfills all requirements for day-old chicks while also considering local specifications, i.e. the type of grain or crop seasonality. Gallisac can also include specific fiber and protein sources to manage the quality and price.

    At its core, Gallisac offers four of the schientifically proven technologies that Gallifirst is known for:

    • Energy
    • Defense shield
    • Early digestion
    • Antioxidant optimization

    Main benefits

    • Provides flexibility to the customer/region
    • Saves space in the feedmill
    • Reduces shipping and other costs

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