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In a context of growing challenges for livestock worldwide, taking care of sustainable farming has become mandatory. Due to environmental and society issues the use of medicated zinc around weaning and antibiotics overall is globally under pressure. With the Aim For Zero program Earlyfeed offers an innovative total approach for farmers and feed mills to help them in the battle against diseases such as E.coli by piglets.

The Aim for Zero program

To help piglets with a suboptimal health status, Earlyfeed developed the Aim For Zero program. This 3-in-1 program combines support on farm management practices and feed formulation with innovative nutritional health solutions.

1. Farm management practices

Piglets face multiple simultaneous stressors around weaning: on the one hand there are environmental changes such as separation from the sow, climate, mixing of litters, etc. and on the other hand there are dietary changes such as no longer access to milk, other diet, water supply, etc. To avoid piglets facing negative effects of these challenges around weaning it will be crucial to look beyond the weaning phase, as the first critical phase is the suckling phase

Keeping the piglets healthy is the most important thing and that is exactly where the Aim For Zero program focuses on. Questions to ask include: What factors can we change? What are the genetics of the production unit? What is the unit’s health status? Can drinking water quality and climate conditions be improved? How are the piglets housed after weaning, and how can we reduce these stressors with feed under these conditions? It is important to look at the bigger picture! It is much more than just suppressing Coli; it is about supporting healthy gut microflora and maintaining the gut barrier function.

Therefore the Earlyfeed’s farm management team is happy to be your sparring partner for sharing know-how on farm management practices.

2. Feed Formulation

Adapted feed formulation is the second crucial element in the Aim For Zero program. A team of nutritionists is eager to share with you our latest insights on feed composition, such as protein and fibre levels and sources level and sources. Moreover, they will look with you how to translate our insights in your existing formulas and how to adapt towards the local situation.

3. Nutritional HEALTH solutions

Next to support on farm management practices and feed formulation, the Earlyfeed products containing also innovative nutritional health solutions. First of all, Earlyfeed has developed the START+ concept to stimulate piglets’ gut development. This concept, based on the activity of prebiotic components in sow colostrum and milk, will stimulate early gut maturation.

Furthermore, Earlyfeed implements also Vitazero® which will support the health of the piglets by creating an exogenous defence shield. This exogenous defence mechanism is based on a 4 in 1 concept of innovative functional feed ingredients: Killing incoming pathogens at stomach level – Capturing pathogens – Focusing on endotoxins – Fortifying the gut barrier. With a 4-fold mode of action Vitazero® impairs health problems, resulting in lower mortality and antibiotic use, and avoid activation of endogenous defence shield which spares protein and energy for growth.St: Health addit

Main benefits
Aim for Zero


  • Beneficial effect on gut microbiota resulting in more resilient pigs.
  • Improved feed intake which is crucial for the structure and functionality of the intestine.
  • No accumulation of heavy metals in vital organs such as liver and kidney.


  • The Aim For Zero Program offers farmers an economic favorable alternative for medicated zinc and antibiotics by improving the health status of the farm without impairing performance.
  • Contributing towards a reduction of antibiotics of which has proven to increase antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of pathogens. AMR is actually one of the biggest threats for human health and will become the number one cause of death by 2050 if no action is taken.


  • Excluding the use of medicated zinc in piglet feed will lead to less pollution of heavy metals in the soil and on the crops.
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