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In terms of average daily gain or feed intake, the brooding period is relatively small. Yet, it is around 25% of the bird’s life and sets the basis for later performance. This is why feeding day-old chicks a prestarter is essential to stimulating proper intestinal development. After talking to customers around the world, Earlyfeed recognized that customers wanted to provide the right start to their flock but that a traditional prestarter feed was not always the right solution. Therefore, we created Gallisac, the DNA of the successful prestarter Gallifirst.

Earlyfeed believes, and studies show, that nourishing day-old chicks is essential to obtain good zootechnical and economic performance. Though nature provides day-old chicks with some of the necessary nutrients to survive—via the presence of the remaining yolk sac—chicks require early feed intake to stimulate the absorption of the yolk and the initial development of the intestine and immune system.

Customer focused care

Gallisac is more than a package of premium quality ingredients, it is the combination of Gallifirst’s DNA with tailor-made customer service and advice. The original idea concerned the efficiency of shipping. There is no need to send a heavy compound feed a long distance if a local poultry feed mill has the proper capabilities and a nice selection of quality raw materials to create a complete feed onsite. In that case, a concentrate or premix helps to save costs and transport volume, supports the local economy, and contributes to increased sustainability.

As everywhere in the world is unique, Gallisac is not a one size fits all solution. Depending on the materials locally available, the percentage and components of Gallisac change (Figure 1). A clear example is how different regions change grain inclusion depending on the harvest cycle. For these regions, it makes sense to adapt the specification of Gallisac’s ingredients to match the nutrient profile of the grain. This attention to client-specific demands can also include specific breeds, retail programs, legislation, production systems, etc.

Figure 1: A customized solution with Gallisac

Chick focused solution

Upon hatching, there is a new environment and a hard switch from the lipoprotein-based nutrient supply in the egg to plant-based and carbohydrate-rich dry feed. Producers aim for a rapid, quick, and stable increase in dry feed intake. However, this abrupt change from yolk-based nutrition can delay feed intake and reduce growth potential. This is why Earlyfeed offers the DNA of its successful prestarter Gallifirst. When early uptake of digestible nutrients is achieved, chicks experience a smoother transition and the right start to life.

In addition to digestible nutrients, Gallisac also provides the functional feed ingredient concepts of Agrimprove to help young birds cope with key challenges during their first days:

  • Antioxidative capacity: Newly hatched birds face multiple stressors, which can cause severe issues for their health. Select polyphenols increase the antioxidative capacity, especially in the lumen, to support gut wall development and tight junctions.
  • Microflora development: The gastrointestinal tract of day-old chicks is sterile, so the first substrate has a huge influence on the microflora. Here the patented MCFAs of Agrimprove and a selected probiotic help to steer growth in the right direction and offer additional protection for a healthy and effective GIT.
  • Feed intake: Due to the rapid growth of birds in the first days, a quick feed intake is mandatory. Specific phytogenics help to stimulate feed intake in the early stages and support a sufficient nutrient supply right from the start.

Combined together, these solutions have a significant return on investment by decreasing mortality and increasing performance.

Based on your production capabilities and raw material availability, Gallisac is the perfect solution to achieve the benefits of the prestarter Gallifirst but with the flexibility you need. By providing a tailored premix or concentrate with the vital additives and necessary specific components of Gallifirst, the feed mill can save both cost and space by adding the already existing macro components locally. Moreover, adaptations can be based on the seasonality of raw materials already available (e.g. more wheat or more corn-heavy diets). Allowing the prestarter to fit in the company portfolio and have a consistent feed composition throughout the respective production cycles.

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