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Earlyfeed launches sustainable MCFA solution in piglet feeds

Demonstrating its value in contributing to sustainability for future generations, earlier this year, Royal Agrifirm Group announced its implementation of a new sustainable source for medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). The motivation for this new source is that the palm kernel oil and coconut fat previously used for the composition of successful products like Aromabiotic® are becoming increasingly unsustainable. After development and intensive testing by the R&D team, together with the global functional feed ingredients team of Agrimprove, Earlyfeed young animal nutrition is implementing Aromabiotic® Triple in its Earlyfeed piglet portfolio.

Compared to traditional MCFAs, Aromabiotic® Triple comes from a different supply chain, is sourced locally to reduce transit impact, and comes from an upgraded rest stream; all reducing the MCFA-related carbon footprint by 70%.  In addition, the product guarantees that the total amount of each MCFA in the final product will continue to be the same as before, ensuring equivalent health and performance. Utilizing this new supply chain leads to less dependency on geopolitical and macroeconomic events like market protection, the deep sea freight crises, and military conflicts to result in increased price stability for its customers.

With technology coming from Agrimprove, both brands are demonstrating that sustainability does not mean lost performance. With the same combination and amount of MCFAs as Aromabiotic®, this product offers a threefold sustainable approach:

  • Application: As with Aromabiotic®, the new solution increases gut health and performance to reduce dependency on antibiotics
  • Sourcing: The MCFAs are derived by upgrading rest streams with different fermentation techniques, offering the opportunity to move away from less sustainable palm kernel oil-based technologies
  • Supply chain: By sourcing local ingredients, Agrimprove is shortening the supply chain and lowering the need for deep sea transportation

Scheduled to be implemented in mid-September at its Factory of the Future awarded plant in Drongen, BE, Aromabiotic® Triple will reduce the MCFA-related carbon footprint by 70%. This transition shows how.

“Earlyfeed wants to be a frontrunner in making adaptations toward circular raw materials. Following Earlyfeed’s ‘right from the start’ ambitions, this technology is a first step in creating sustainable food for future generations.” 

– Delphine Van Zele, EMEA, Swine Product Manager – Earlyfeed

As the world looks for sustainability, there are no minor steps toward a lower carbon footprint, every step is essential in supporting a healthy planet for future generations. The inclusion of Aromabiotic® Triple will not only impact Earlyfeed customers, who depend on superior products to raise healthy animals, but also promotes a more sustainable world.

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