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Early feed intake


The essential feed
for day-old chicks

In the first days of their lives, chicks need to balance a limited digestive capacity with a high energy need to support their intensive growth (up to 25% body weight per day) and development. Galli® Crunch offers them an adapted feed that contains highly digestive ingredients and supportive compounds. With a clever nutrient composition and optimal pellet quality, Galli® Crunch supplies ample energy, antioxidants and immunity support, but is easy on the young bird’s developing crop and stomach.

Proven effectiveness

Extensive studies have shown that chicks fed with Galli® Crunch eat sooner and easier, cope better with stress thanks to adequate vitamin C and E levels, show higher activity and lower mortality rates during the first week.

Main benefits
Galli Crunch

  • Maximum antioxidant supply
  • Optimal pellet quality: hard enough to reduce dust fractions, but soft in mouth, crop and stomach
  • Fast digestion thanks to carefully selected raw materials
  • Fast energy source
  • Protects against pathogens and supports the immune system
Your Earlyfeed expert
Roger Van der Vinne
Commercial Director Brasil

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