Webinar: What if… young animals don’t get the right care

09 December 2020

Without a doubt, “Young Animal Nutrition” is one of the most prominent themes in the livestock business these days. Piglets, chicks and calves need care and attention right from the start to make them thrive, preferably without the use of any antibiotics. Now how important is that care exactly? Once and for all, this webinar aims to explore and assess the value of young animal nutrition, by painting a picture what happens if that proper care and nutrition isn’t there. What would happen then with the animals – and what would be the cost?

Join us on Wednesday 9 December at 15.00 (CET) and listen to our interesting speakers who will share their insights.


  • Loek de Lange, Private consultant Poultry Nutrition at Loek’s Feed
  • Ing. Robert Hoste, Senior pig production economist at Wageningen Economic Research
  • Gudo klein Gebbink, managing Director EMEA at Royal Agrifirm Group


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Do you want to get things right from the start?

Getting your rearing strategies right early in the production cycle, pays off in the long run.
Together, let’s give the youngest animals everything they need to perform well later in life.

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